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We’re been getting a lot of questions about hair- more specifically, why is my scalp dry and irritated and my strands oily?! ⠀
Spring is a transition between two harsh seasons, and the weather has been super irregular. Some days are rainy and humid 🌧 , others are dry and warm 🌤! This back-and-forth could mean you’re not able to adjust and this lead to scalp irritation and flakiness, excess oil production and itchiness! 😖 ⠀
What do we recommend? Replenish your hair with a hydrating reparative shampoo- the @oribe Gold Lust gently cleanses to get rid of buildup, and is made with Mediterranean Cypress Extract to deeply moisturize and provide long-lasting restoration ⭐️ After your shower, apply the Serene Scalp Soothing Leave-On Treatment anywhere your scalp feels irritated, dry or flaky- it’s made with peppermint leaf extract, willowherb and aloe to instantly soothe and nourish 💧 You’ll feel brand new and squeaky clean! ⠀

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