Instagram post by @a_bunchofdogs Samoa, Congo and Bear

Hello New Followers.
Don't get confused with the high number of different animals that appear here. Here's some help 😁
In the first pic you have the main amazing beings, our three dogs and the cat, from left to right - Congo, Samoa, Bear and Odda ( curiously by age and adoption order ).
In the second photo you have Noah, the most happy Great Dane you'll meet, she is a good friend's dog ( she is like 33% ours too 😎 ).
Than you have Charlie and Foxy, the cutest ( and craziest ) duo you'll meet ( they are also a but ours, 40% Charlie and like 20%Foxy πŸ˜‚ )
On the 4th photo you have our other favourite trio - Balla, Bubba and Bono. They are my uncles dogs and we are their doggodmother and doggodfather ( look it up, it should exist if it doesn't yet ).
On the 5th it's Pyro, our super sweet and super weird border that we have sometimes here, she is only like 5% ours in reality but we like to fool ourselves into thinking she is like 80% ours.
These are the most frequent dogs ( and cat ) but there are A LOT more that pop by, but we are here to talk ( our hearts off ) about them all so no worries 😊


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