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On the other side of struggle is always something better. #YearsLater #LivingProof


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    #Inspiring Much love & respects! You are a paragon & your legacy will live forever! @therock #mahalo #fromhawaiitowashingtonan

  • 17h ago dorothyacevedo dorothyacevedo

    Life is short. All you can do is be strong look forward and make the best out of everything may God bless us all

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  • 14h ago tespide tespide

    i love you very negran

  • 14h ago gebritoduda gebritoduda

    Eu adoro seu trabalho😘

  • 14h ago bsfaby bsfaby

    what a beautiful man!!!

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  • 13h ago faitherealtor faitherealtor

    Beautiful... I was born in Honolulu, tripler Army Hospital 😊 Have a beautiful trip

  • 12h ago morayks_sa morayks_sa

    Thank you Sir ❀️

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  • 11h ago dee_nj_ dee_nj_

    Glad i follow you sir..Thank you

  • 10h ago renrengg1 renrengg1

    Appreciate How Real You Keep It.

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  • 10h ago laniebabe14 laniebabe14

    Looking back where you come from that’s really amazing mesmerize the old days where you used to live bad and good happen in that place and now you can finally say I am blessed god bless you

  • 9h ago moiiseau moiiseau

    Needed this today. πŸ’•Thanks πŸ’•the struggle beats you down sometimes and it’s been getting the better of me lately.

  • 9h ago irish1118 irish1118

    You rock! πŸ”₯

  • 8h ago afrocraft_ afrocraft_

    @therock πŸ˜πŸ‘life is an amazing circle sir....that's why we should never look down on anyone.πŸ‘

  • 8h ago fwojo fwojo

    We love you. My husband is from the same place as you are and he had the same struggles. We were just in Hawaii a few weeks ago and the first thing he wanted to do was going to rainbows 🌈 to get his favorite food! It’s good not to forget where you came from. That’s what makes you a special individual. Lots of love from our family.πŸ’œβ™₯️

  • 8h ago tikykamo tikykamo

    I love you, you are awesome 😍😊 you are my platonic love🀭🀫

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  • 7h ago cassibrown8 cassibrown8

    Thank you for those words. I have been down that path of hard times so many time and hearing you say those words made me happy and also cry a little. Life is tough but you are right there is something better ahead as long as you keep going. I still have some bards times but I look at my kids face a realize it not that bad since I have a wonderful kid in my life. They make they hard times better when they smile. So like the Rock said just keep going and things will get better. Thank you again Rock for your words.

  • 5h ago lllaurengray lllaurengray

    I really needed this thank you

  • 5h ago p508 p508

    πŸ’ͺ Amen

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  • 4h ago tejunagramalik tejunagramalik

    Your skin care routine must be fabulous.

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  • 3h ago derick_delorme_ derick_delorme_

    Bless up sir, you are and inspiration to all

  • 3h ago msharp8 msharp8

    How HIGH are you here BRO?

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  • 2h ago 22bullies 22bullies

    Rock is a real one πŸ’―πŸ™Œ

  • 2h ago meyako_the_stylist meyako_the_stylist

    This is exactly why when any client says β€œwhat celebrity would you like to work with” hands down Mr. Dywane Johnson just because your so authentic and you just really care about the people. So modest and so damn respectful and caring. I’ve seen the way celebrities treat there fans and stylist and I’m so glad there is still someone who understand how to accept and carry the humility award. Give it up for this motherfucker @therock

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  • 52m ago chxrrelle._ chxrrelle._

    #HAWAIIANPRIDE @therock

  • 56s ago christinarountree christinarountree

    Great story

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