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Think flavours such as oolong jasmine, lychee rose, honeycomb, milo mellow (milo with marshmallows) and chrysanthemum ginseng! It's $3.50/scoop and $6 for double scoop so getting the double scoop is definitely more worth it! The place is not exactly accessible but its a popular spot for students from schools nearby as at least 70% of the customers were students! Secondary school students nowadays so rich leh!! Order ice cream, waffles, fries, etc. Poor girl here only bought double scoop ice cream!
1. Lychee Rose
The lychee flavour was the more dominant flavour as compared to the rose. That aside, it was a good sorbet, being icy and refreshing! It melts nicely in your mouth, unlike some ice creams which take a while to melt and freezes part of your mouth... There were even bits of lychee fruit in it which was a nice addition. 
2. Yakult Oreo
This is a lighter version of cookies and cream! And the yakult taste wasn't too strong, which in my opinion is a good thing for this flavour. It also has that nice melt in your mouth but i think there could have been more texture in this one, where the oreo bits could have been bigger and chunkier instead of oreo powder.

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