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A truth: marriage isn’t always love and happiness and easy times. I think that’s a lie some people spend their whole lives chasing, and whenever things get rough, they think, “Maybe I didn’t do it right,” and try to start over, because they are expecting something that doesn’t exist.
Marriage and building a family takes work. Real, hands-in-the-dirt, hard labor. It’s definitely not easy, nor is it for the faint of heart. It takes effort and dedication, because it takes more than just feelings to love someone.
Loving someone comes through action. It means putting that person before yourself even if you don’t like them at the moment. It means sacrifice and laying down your selfishness, because it’s impossible to be a team when you’re both fighting for yourselves rather than the other.
It kind of sounds impossible, but guess what? The impossible is always possible with God, so I guess that’s the crux of it. The example of love from Him gives us the means to love our neighbors- i.e. everyone that’s not you, including your spouse. He shows us daily what it means to love someone that’s not giving you their 100%. What it means to love someone that hates you. He does it for you and me, every single day.

So yeah. Marriage doesn’t always look like that ☝🏼. But it is still entirely worth it. So so worth it to work for something and see the fruit of it. To love someone through difficult times and come out stronger, together. That’s a legacy to leave behind, better than riches or possessions. If you leave behind a life of love and sacrifice, a shining example for your children and their children, one that points to the impossible being made possible, through Christ... that’s worth it.

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