Instagram post by @kristinanekyia Kristina Nekyia

This is me at 24 or so with Mestre Acordeon at the Capoeira Arts Cafe in Berkeley CA. We are sitting in front of a mural I painted of the city of Salvador da Bahia in Brazil. I’m so grateful to Mestre and the capoeira community for being a safe and supportive place for me at one of the darkest times in my life. I look into my eyes in this picture and remember that feeling of spiraling out of control as my body was collapsing and I was falling apart. I’m so glad I didn’t die back then. I’m so glad I had a place and people who pulled me through and showed me love when I didn’t know how to give it in return. I can’t pay that back but I can pay it forward in the spaces and communities I build as a survivor.
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