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Jaymin, a young women who lives along the US/Mexican border poses in her quinceañera dress with the border wall in the back ground.
I urge you to check out a Kickstarter project of photographer @ElliotStudio (Elliot Ross) and writer Genevieve Allison, @gengennygenevieve. They have collaborated on a book project, American Backyard, to be published by @GnomicBook, in which they traveled the length of the Mexican/American border.
As the description for the book describes:
Through a series of short essays and photographs, American Backyard addresses the disconnect between the lived realities of
American lives and communities along the U.S. / Mexico border and the narrative that the White House has leveraged so effectively to
achieve its aims. This story is told through anecdotal, first-person accounts of a journey lasting five months and covering 10,000 miles.
In addressing themes such as marginalization, acculturation, diversity, and compassion, American Backyard aims to provide insights
into different perspectives on how to understand this culturally rich and often misunderstood region.

The work combines excellent photography, insightful writing, and beautiful design to make an exceptional project.

Check the links in both artist bio and help push the book over the top of the limit on the project. Photo by @elliotstudio

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