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Häagen-Dazs Japan’s Story Time Alice’s Tea with Cookies. So adorable! It tastes like old fashioned sweet milk tea, with a hint of butter cookie crumbles.
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  • 3w ago calamityy calamityy

    Did you like it? It's so pretty.

  • 3w ago lepusdiscordia lepusdiscordia

    I wish Häagen-Dazs had these nice flavours in Germany. It's even hard to get Matcha ice cream outside from asian stores. ;.;

  • 3w ago makiwi makiwi

    @calamityy I loved it.

  • 3w ago sorairo_ sorairo_

    I loved the snow white version of the same series!

  • 3w ago ikuradesuka ikuradesuka

    I had this back in October in my holiday it was good ❤️

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