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@natgeo photo by @stevewinterphoto
One leopard cub snuggling with mom, the other is nursing.
This is so similar in many ways to us as humans! Our animal family is so much like us - they find mates, they have kids, they have to feed themselves and their families. If we can find a way to believe they think, feel and have emotions, we need to treat them better and find a way to ensure their future on this planet. They are keystone species in their ecosystems, though we as humans are not.

Remember just as an example of the importance of their homes - the forests and grasslands.
50% of our oxygen comes from forest - the other 50% from the oceans.
75% of fresh water comes from forests, grasslands and mountains. So if we save big cats - we can help save ourselves.
This was shot for my @natgeo Leopard story in the Dec 2015 issue of National Geographic Magazine.
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