Instagram post by @deadletters Will Pendarvis 🔵

Been drawing skulls.


  • 4w ago bonk_rds bonk_rds

    Damn, how many kids you got to go through before you catch up? Ha ha. Completely serious, though, like your theme.

  • 4w ago daniel.chewing daniel.chewing

    hey Will the 4th one should be your next tattoo 🤘🏼

  • 4w ago timbulb timbulb

    So rad Will! I might steal one of these for my drummer’s bass drum.

  • 4w ago creepingdeaths1 creepingdeaths1

    All are cool. Design of the last one is my favorite!

  • 4w ago johnsonville86 johnsonville86

    I think you need to chill on the acid tabs Will!

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