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Today we show some love and appreciation to @tashacotton, a part of the Galle Face Hotel family after her stay with us recently!
We cannot wait to see the final painting she's working on!

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I almost never plan my pieces out in pencil.. when it comes to painting I usually put my brush straight to paper and just see what flows out 🌈👩🏽‍🎨⁣
This is an exception because I'm making a collage piece for @gallefacehotel where the layout had to be carefully planned beforehand. It's always a good challenge to try something new! ✨⁣
In this case, being a bit more structured and painting within the lines.. perhaps a metaphor for what I struggle with in life? 🙈🤣⁣

🎶 'You and Me' by @ehrlingofficial
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