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A sketch repost because I’m currently feeling this bad! Pulled in many directions right now. My mind wanting to be places my body can’t be etc etc. Strapping on some superpower boots and pushing through! How do you cope with the pull??✨
Ps, when will I have time to finish this sketch cause I still dig it!
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  • 4w ago typebynikita typebynikita

    Lovely :)

  • 4w ago brushandflourish brushandflourish

    Have been feeling like this for about three weeks now. After a week or so of panic, I decided to go with the flow, list all my things to do and pick five for the week. If they were achieved, yay to me. And none of the rest collapsed because I did the most important things. Still feeling a little wound up, but in control. Oh, and I’ve said no a few times. That was the hardest thing of all. Felt good afterwards. Hope your times are better for you 😊

  • 4w ago delphiejoy delphiejoy

    @brushandflourish yes defiantly saying no is important and I have done that to a few things and delegating more as well! I’m glad I have gotten to a point where the overwhelm is often very temporary and not all consuming. Lists and priorities are important. Just when priorities and emotions mix it can be hard! and you are right. Generally the world doesn’t collapse around us if we don’t do all the things perfectly!

  • 4w ago delphiejoy delphiejoy

    @typebynikita ❤️

  • 4w ago gorilarms gorilarms

    I love this sketches.

  • 4w ago delphiejoy delphiejoy

    @gorilarms thank you. I like this one too xx

  • 4w ago br.dsgn br.dsgn


  • 4w ago delphiejoy delphiejoy

    @br.dsgn ♥️

  • 4w ago wiselettering wiselettering

    Hang in there super mom!! 💕

  • 4w ago delphiejoy delphiejoy

    @wiselettering ♥️♥️♥️

  • 4w ago

    Super great 😍

  • 4w ago delphiejoy delphiejoy thanks so much ♥️🙌

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