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I have spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out a way to caption this project and still keep it chill or play it off as I often do but this one is way to special to just shrug off. About 14 years ago I got to see @briankgrubb Wakeskate in Jozi at a @redbull event down at @stokecitywake. I wasn’t even wakeskating yet and was just stoking out on everything anyone was doing on the water, let alone seeing someone from abroad ripping this ridiculously large wakeboard set up on a skate. Fast forward to today and I get to release this project with @redbullza titled “Reflections”, in which I was able to get together some of my best friends to help me build, drive, support and then invite Grubby over to SA to rip through the waterways of South Africa’s most loved playground, Durban. The result is just a whole lot of wakeskating and fun in some of the more unlikely locations Durbz has to offer. I hope you enjoy it! Link is in my bio! Thanks boys! @redbullza @projectco @oneill_sa @dcshoes @dirtyhabitstv @kayliblouw @jeandre_michau_10 @steffendvs @ryandesteur @tracysingian @joshenslingypsy #wakeskate #wakeskating #wakeskatesa #wakeboard #wake #board #skating #durban #kzn #southafrica @silverbullet_za


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