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My two favorite magazines are out... but I only have enough money for one!
QUESTION: Do you like CHICKENS Magazine or GARAGE LIFE better... and WHY?


  • 4w ago big_bob_29 big_bob_29

    Chickens......they are delicious.

  • 4w ago casey_ventura casey_ventura

    Duh, it's garage STYLE. And chickens are delicious.

  • 4w ago bitpimps bitpimps

    Chicks man. I dig chicks.

  • 4w ago pinetopmike pinetopmike

    Chickens. They taste better than garages.

  • 4w ago drunkle.bobby drunkle.bobby

    Chicken Style is the only publication for me.

  • 4w ago endee666 endee666

    Chicken is yummy 🐔 🐥 🥚

  • 4w ago yakoyakoyakoyakoyako yakoyakoyakoyakoyako

    BRRUUUUUUUUUUUCK.. Bruk bruk bruk bruk bruk. Pecks your foot. Bruk bruk bruk. Shits on floor. BRRUUUUUUUUCK! 5:16 am. Time for work Will.

  • 4w ago the_ra_ruben the_ra_ruben

    Garage life. I used to have to take care of chickens and it sucked.

  • 4w ago taro780 taro780

    Because “Parasite pointers from the vet”!!

  • 4w ago nolockeddoors22 nolockeddoors22

    Ya but what if you wanted style your garage for you chickens

  • 4w ago ranger_steven ranger_steven

    My vote is for Chickens. My therapist says I enjoy a wealthy lifestyle so comfortable that I have begun to fetishize chores! Lol! Sure, i’ve never felt much pressure to work (honestly my parents are great bosses) but I think the only difference between me and a farmer or welder or maybe a soldier is that I just don’t like to be told what to do. I’ve always been a free spirit. Anyway, I just cannot imagine how a day being a poultry farmer could be bad.

  • 4w ago bobbychamberlain.1 bobbychamberlain.1


  • 4w ago reverendrabbit reverendrabbit

    Garage Style for sure. How else are you gonna know what rug goes with the dead bodies?

  • 4w ago jaxsdog jaxsdog

    Chickens are funny

  • 4w ago jodikacer jodikacer

    Chickens for sure!

  • 4w ago lemonzips lemonzips

    Chickens! There might be pictures of them in cute knitted hats to keep their little combs warm.

  • 4w ago og.tobster og.tobster

    Garage style. I have a garage.

  • 4w ago deadletters deadletters

    Yeah... Chickens Magazine has a hot chick in the centerfold...

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