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The “mille-crêpes” is a dessert with French roots that may have been invented at a Japanese cafe in the 1980s. Two places claim to be the originator though - Ruelle de Derrière in Nishi Azabu, Tokyo and Paper Moon, also in Nishi Azabu. (Lady M and Paper Moon share the same management apparently.) It’s a stack of crêpes with custard cream in between them, refrigerated until set and sliced like a cake. There are recipes in French for gâteau de crêpes, but I’m not sure how far back they go. In any case, mille-crêpes are a pretty ubiquitous dessert in Japan these days. I had this yesterday at a local restaurant. (I have made a stack of crepes thing for decades, but a savory version with a cream cheese and sour cream based cream.) .
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  • 2w ago elisabeth_neveux_illustration elisabeth_neveux_illustration

    I follow a page in New Orleans where they make Mille crêpes! They have even pandas/taro/ durian flavors ! I think I had it with jam but the custard seems lighter ... :)

  • 2w ago zoe110811 zoe110811

    Ahhh... I’m partial to the ones at Derrière. They have azuki cream and black sesame cream flavoured ones! So delicious!

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