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In November I had a near death/out of body experience on my surfboard and a traumatic head injury/concussion with eight stitches on my chin below my lip. I felt my soul, my being , rise above and behind my head. I couldn’t move my locked jaw but was able to get my body safely to shore. The following two months I was on liquid foods. I have surfed 40 years, since I was 13. Last week in Morocco I finally was ready to get back on the board again.
So this picture is much more than #malasana or #squatpose on a surf board. It’s a celebration of the body’s amazing ability to heal itself. It’s about getting “back on the horse again” and breaking through mental road blocks and fears that threatened to settle into my mind. It’s about self forgiveness and freedom. During this healing time (the Malibu fire came soon after, spicing up the intensity), I spent a lot of time in a deep healing meditation, studying Joe Dispenza’s work (short version: connect with my energy centers/chakras, mentally empty out into the void, enter the quantum field, and then draw in elevated emotions), and self care. I spent healing time with my mom, enjoying basking in her loving care. A month following, I was able to start going to an osteopath, Dr. Kathy Gill, who helped my eyes and facial structure come back into balance. I spent a lot of time rolling out holding patterns and tightened muscle groups with a spikey ball, and several times a day, starting with 4am activations, I would do cold water therapy (and then enter the stillness of 🧘‍♀️!). We all fall, in sports, in love, personal goals, in our soul’s journey of growth. Get back up on that horse.
I learned we are so much more than our physical bodies. My healing path was humbling. It wasn’t easy. It was an inside job. I think our bodies want to heal and be vehicles for our transformation and ascension; sometimes the body just needs the space to heal and recover.
With deep gratitude,
Photo by @leia_vita

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