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#ajgetthisdone GUYS I NEED ALL OF THE SUPPORT I CAN GET RIGHT NOW! PEOPLE ARE GETTING HACKED AND ITS ALL TRUE. THIS IS BASICALLY THE NEW FMAN AND AJ NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT AND RETURN WHAT WAS LOST BECAUSE THIS IS NOT OK. PEOPLE WORKED HARD FOR THESE ITEMS AND IDC WHAY PEOPLE SAY ABOUT HOW THEY CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT WHEN THEY REALLY CAN. think about how you would feel if you lost 85 black longs or more. People like pugfluff are saying they can’t do anything about it when they really can. They’re famous and aj will actually listen to them apparently 😒😒😒 it’s time to step up and take action. Aj IS NOT SAFE AT ALL RN. everyone needs to move their stuff to different accounts! ONLY IF YOU HAVE HAD CONTACT WITH COIIN OR HIS SPARES ( I’m still figuring out what his spare is ) you can move your stuff if it makes you feel safe but change your passwords to everything animal jam related! Tysm for listening and DO NOT FOE GET TO REPOST WITH #ajgetthisdone tysm for all of your love and support 😭❤️

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