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  • 4w ago daizha.morgann daizha.morgann

    @roziiem thanks girl 😉😉😉

  • 4w ago twelfth_lizzard twelfth_lizzard

    She's so fucking gross - ass shots and botox 🤢🤮

  • 4w ago orgazmico orgazmico

    They all want to be like you Daizha, the original cyber slut!

  • 4w ago roziiem roziiem

    @daizha.morgann I got you girl 😘😘 lol ,,,, love you sexy 💚💚

  • 4w ago deadlevi deadlevi

    Fuck that bitch her ass is out of shape anyway

  • 4w ago bradtfred bradtfred

    Fuck those fake as hoes. You do you and everyone of us fans will support it. I'd love meeting you since well you seem to be an amazing human and we also share birthdays haha 🤣

  • 4w ago ozzy.pena85 ozzy.pena85

    Just so you all know that bang drink she promotes is sold at the dollar stores lol so is she selling her self cheap lmao

  • 4w ago cayceecrystal cayceecrystal

    Omggg she fr dyed her hair pink 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️ she needs to stop. so unoriginal

  • 4w ago inkedupandreckless inkedupandreckless

    She just jealous that you the queen.. keep killing it babe. 🖤

  • 3w ago j_smith702 j_smith702

    @daizha.morgann beefin with @brittanya187 huh? Lol, u should remember me we both from the 702, boulder area, let that rock tho, seriously...

  • 3w ago big_ghoti big_ghoti

    You’re a stripper... stick to pole things... no one cares about your drama we all just wanna pay you a dollar to see your butthole!

  • 3w ago adam.egg.henderson adam.egg.henderson

    The tea is everywhere

  • 3w ago itz_that_boi_raw itz_that_boi_raw


  • 3w ago kevin_avila91 kevin_avila91

    I love you

  • 3w ago shawnatteberry shawnatteberry

    You need to get Big Draco on the case. @souljaboy ain't gonna let that copying shit slide AT ALL! lol BRITTANYA!?!?

  • 3w ago catano4981 catano4981

    K rico esa boquita mamasita 😋😘

  • 3w ago datdude5150 datdude5150

    They hating cuz you're cute as hell.. and they want to copy your brand$$\,,/

  • 3w ago edwin.velez.9 edwin.velez.9

    Sexy lips

  • 3w ago jeruffe jeruffe


  • 3w ago mil1001mil mil1001mil

    Whhhooooo cares! :P unfollowing

  • 3w ago hashcakes420 hashcakes420

    @brittanya187 can eat shit! That busted ass bitch running her mouth. That bitch’s face looks so swollen like she was attacked my a hoard of bees. Everything about that hoe fake from the inside out

  • 3w ago dfcjoe dfcjoe

    Your still my #1 boss lady hun fuck the haters ...let em drink hateraide till they drown stay in your lane mama you so much better than that ratchet bitch stay 💯💯💯

  • 3w ago 710scooby 710scooby

    Fuuuuck that bitch! she ain’t got shit on you! 🍑😍

  • 3w ago elgordobully elgordobully

    Brittanya is ugly

  • 3w ago xjadedxangelx xjadedxangelx

    Woah I’d be curious to hear more about how she recreated your content that’s shady shit. I asked her if she was a lady boy under all the silicone because she actually does look like one LOL. I think she might have a secret not sure I guess she has kids so I just learned that after I said it but idk I’m still convinced she’s a lady boy. Maybe she just borrows a friends kids and poses with them LOL from what you’re saying about her and actually wouldn’t surprise me. Ahem sorry from what you’re saying about him

  • 3w ago xjadedxangelx xjadedxangelx

    @securidaddy damn Good thing one of her friends stumbled across it that’s fucked up shit.

  • 3w ago xjadedxangelx xjadedxangelx

    @daizha.morgann Is there a way for you to sue them or get the money they made on your content? Like can that say contact the bank account Or bank rather attached to that account and let them know the money was fraudulent or is that just a huge pain in the ass? It’s crazy must make you infuriating. How often does this type of thing happen?

  • 3w ago xjadedxangelx xjadedxangelx

    @yabadabalicious7 I don’t have African blood In any immediate generation surrounding me but secondary ones and I have a ton of Asian and Chinese DNA as well as some Cherokee and unless you really look for the features you wouldn’t be able to tell at a glance.

  • 3w ago yabadabalicious7 yabadabalicious7

    @xjadedxangelx it’s not really about what shows. My kids are part indigenous and u would never know. It’s about people questioning someone’s integrity and thinking they are making up some bs . Which I don’t think @daizha.morgann is about.

  • 3w ago chellybelly21 chellybelly21

    I had no idea who Viking Barbie was till this post so I went to her page and YouTube and now I’m kinda sad I wasted my life 😭😭😭 Issa man 🤦🏻‍♀️ and it raps😂😂😂 no no no

  • 3w ago orangeskyes orangeskyes

    Get over it

  • 3w ago xjadedxangelx xjadedxangelx

    @yabadabalicious7 my whole point in mentioning the fact that I look one way to ignorant people but I have many different races was to back her up in the fact that people are ignorant and calling her a liar and everybody else here did the same format yet somehow I got the reply? I don’t think you were nastily attacking me but it did feel a little like you were nitpicking LOL I’m just trying to have her back and I basically made the same point you just do it in different words. Either way it’s cool to know how many other people are struggling with the same misunderstandings.

  • 3w ago yabadabalicious7 yabadabalicious7

    @xjadedxangelx never, I wasn’t attacking you. Sorry if you felt like that.

  • 3w ago _reinabruja _reinabruja

    Girl keep doing you! I’m a die hard fan!

  • 3w ago radiatewhatyoulove radiatewhatyoulove


  • 3w ago radiatewhatyoulove radiatewhatyoulove


  • 2w ago _supadoopadave_ _supadoopadave_

    This bitch is stupid. Brittanya187 been on the map this chic here got only famous cuz of a asshole tattoo. Come on. Who is this? For real? What do u do?

  • 2w ago _jls_750xi_ _jls_750xi_

    Remember that video on Snapchat how you’re dancing and the neon colors was outline your whole body?

    And I told you that it came from you first!!! So yeah. 💯 All YOU🔥 I remember how she’s was playing her baby daddy and he was doing videos confronting her about it, But that’s been a min.
    The Rolls Royce issue is what I called it. 😂😂😂

  • 4d ago moni_muerte moni_muerte

    She still makes you look dollar menu😂

  • 4d ago almighty_thor.194 almighty_thor.194

    Fuck that bum bitch

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