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Week 45: “You've always been crazy, this is just the first chance you've had to express yourself.” Louise Sawyer, Thelma and Louise

I’ve never had a problem being a little crazy and expressing myself in my own way. As a child, I made my siblings dress up and put on productions for anyone who would watch. I was certainly my own kind of crazy in high school and college and was lucky to have friends who participated in “crazy” with me. I haven’t changed at 39. I will still sing or dance in the hallways at work or shove a pillow in my pants and lip-sync to “Baby Got Back” for my nieces. You see, life is too short to be too serious. I prefer to laugh at myself, and if you’re laughing with me, that’s even better. When I lost my hair from chemo, a friend told me, “I get to be the pretty one now.” And, I loved it. I am not delicate. I am strong. Laugh with me. Joke with me about drawing on my eyebrows based on my mood or needing to fart from the ridiculous chemo bloating (I'm also not demure). “Crazy” and laughter keep me going and have kept me going at many different times in my life. My “crazy” re-creation photos are getting me through cancer treatments now. This is my outlet. These are my messages of strength and courage. Thank you for being a part of it. Thank you for being a part of my “crazy”. #breastcancer #susangkomen #StandUpToCancer #breastcancer


  • 8w ago frontkicktotheface frontkicktotheface


  • 8w ago cafemeg cafemeg

    You are the best kind of crazy. ❤️ Keep it up!

  • 8w ago lacy_ramsey_webb81 lacy_ramsey_webb81

    You’re the coolest. I’d dress up and play Thelma and Louise with you any day.

  • 8w ago steph.goddess steph.goddess

    Bad ass photo..priceless and bad ass, just like you!

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  • 8w ago phlatandhipp phlatandhipp

    I absolutely love this and have felt the same - if I can make a joke regarding what is going on with me and someone laughs out loud, I feel like I have the upper hand. I swear yours is the account I love most - cannot WAIT for each post!!

  • 8w ago wattswooddesigns wattswooddesigns

    My wife has done nothing but joke about her diagnosis and what she’s gone through. When she lost her hair we had some people try and sell us new windows. When they wouldn’t leave she pulled off her hat and said it’s time to pull the cancer card. Lol. It worked and they left!

  • 8w ago mgsmith51 mgsmith51

    Love your craziness and sharing with the world. As a cancer survivor I admire you for all you are!

  • 8w ago jinxinc5 jinxinc5

    You're crazy awesome!

  • 8w ago amylguldner amylguldner

    You are so freaking awesome! Your pictures and posts are incredibly uplifting and inspiring. Praying for you!

  • 8w ago debhetes debhetes

    Can you teach me how to do my makeup? You are beautiful and I would love to learn your makeup tricks. I have lost all of my hair and eyebrows are the hardest for me to do

  • 8w ago instabeth505 instabeth505

    @wattswooddesigns 😂😂

  • 8w ago instabeth505 instabeth505

    @debhetes I use this system for eyebrows...

  • 8w ago ayreay ayreay

    You’re amazing woman! Your pics are great. Gave me a good laugh. They’re so good 💜 beat this

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  • 8w ago evgeniasimi evgeniasimi

    You just made my day better..I hope with all of my heart that you get better and I pray fro you.. Keep up with those awesome pictures

  • 8w ago clintondeantravels clintondeantravels

    This is inspiring. ❤️

  • 8w ago clintondeantravels clintondeantravels

    Stay strong, you got this 🙌

  • 8w ago djbreastcancer djbreastcancer

    Love this!! 🙌

  • 7w ago justmoandthegwb justmoandthegwb

    I was just scrolling through your account and wanted to let you know that you're beautiful!! I love seeing all these photos, they make me smile. also, I think you'd look amazing as any one of Allison Janney's characters- I think you look kind of similar!

  • 7w ago

    Your feed is amazing! So good. 😂

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