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[SWIPE] (I put two for my new art bc the old art and middle art had two people on it) (ALSO I'll archive this later I think)
Wow,,, you can fucking tell how much I've improved, especially from the 2016 one. I've gotten better with lighting and colouring, my anatomy has gotten better, I've gotten more ambiguous with backgrounds, all that.
Ngl the 2016 one is also a little embarrassing bc,,, why did I genderbend everyone all the time, the nAmes are cringey, the wrinkles in the clothes look like spikes that are coming out of their bodies-- it's not a good look HSJSKSK
Also in the past with my old art, especially in 2017, I made people's legs WAYY too fat, and I believe that's bc I used to draw chibi stuff and that's why? I'm not sure. As you can tell, I'm still struggling a little with making people's bodies too fat when they're actually a super skinny person, but I'm working on it!! .
Anyways. Moral of the story, improvement is inevitable and it will happen if you're dedicated, passionate, and you practice (in many different ways).💕💞❤

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