Instagram post by @keropokman Philip Lim

The only time we had a full appetiser, antipasti, 1st main, 2nd main, dessert (as in the menu) was in Italy when I was a young adult traveling. We thought it was ‘compulsory’ (Long ago no internet, no reviews, etc. The person was speaking Italian and pointed 1 from each ‘section’ of the menu. haha... we have since grown up and eat what we like in the menu. Seafood Salad, Beef Short Rib, Seabass. Ok. We didn’t book earlier coz we were nibbling stuff at the Club Lounge and when we got downstairs m, it was full house! We said we are hotel guests and showed our room keycard. Magic happened! It was a small table but food was good and service impeccable. We will be back!

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