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I just realized that I hit my 10 year mark of teaching yoga. Whoa. It’s surreal that this far fetched idea I once had has been my life for a decade now. ⠀

Looking back I realize how many challenges I had to go through to get to where I am today. ⠀

Choosing to start teaching yoga in another country, getting my ego hurt by taking a huge pay cut from my last career & accepting some financial support to make this transition work, cleaning studios in exchange of paying rent for classes that hardly even brought in any $, to teaching over 15 classes a week around town & still have my bank balance in negative at times, navigating becoming a single mom & learning how to increase my capacity to find balance while I build my career. ⠀

Hot damn! Looking back at this past I realize that I’ve weathered quite the storm. ⠀

Thankfully I’m at a point where I finally have what I always wanted - work that feels like play, is deeply purposeful in creating an impact on people, time freedom, and now by adding my life coaching practice (that’s a whole other story) I also have the income that’s allowing me to live the lifestyle I desire. ⠀

Working for what you want isn’t going to come easy. It can be effin’ hard. It’s almost as if God is testing you to see how bad you want it so that you’re truly deserving of the returns. ⠀

The commitment, and discipline eventually always payoffs off if you stick with it. ⠀

Things take time. So if you’re in a state of anxiety and stress still working towards what you want, ask yourself what exactly you’re working towards, and WHY you want it & why what you currently have isn’t doing it for you - then use that to drive and motivate you through all the rough patches. ⠀

Little steps each day as you keep your eye on the prize. As with everything it’s consistent practice with your heart & soul in it that will get you the success you want. ✨⠀

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