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Let me talk about my brother for a minute. He has lived in a one room house in Uganda with unreliable water and electricity. He’s lived in a tent in South Sudan amidst civil war and now he’s traveling state to state wherever he’s needed. No, he’s a not a wandering hippie, but has chosen a life of service to people wherever they need him and for that I am beyond proud of him! So when he asked me to take care of his plants as he transitions from an RV in flooded swamplands, into a church room in a hurricane devastated region of the south, of course I said yes! Then I panicked a little. You see, he has the greenest of all the thumbs and mine well... well, mine are a nice shade of brown. He is my go-to plant expert anytime I have questions. Usually they revolve around “Why is this plant dying. No not again!” I made him give me written instructions on how to keep these puppies alive while he’s away and I plan stick to the schedule! If there’s one thing I can do, it’s help him make his next tent, or bus or church classroom feel like home! Side note: some of these are mine... the wilted ones. 🌿


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