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How do you seal the hip joint on roof shingle jobs?

I used to wrap the shingles from one plane onto the other when 3-tab shingles were common and then just apply the cap shingles.

Laminated shingles bulk-up when they're lapped over the hip so instead for years we'd apply a 10 in. strip of #iceandwatershield and then cap shingles.

When we capped this hip last spring we tried @protectowrapcompany Roof Edge Seal instead of the Ice and Water figuring the double-side adhesive would not only seal the hip joint but also help bond the cap shingles to the roof.  And they did.  We struggled to strip the cap shingles off.
And it appears that the tape also helped reduce the amount of tear-through the roof sheathing did when the hip got crushed by the tree. There was only one puncture point where a limb punched through.

Even though the Roof Edge Seal didn't bond when we applied it at 17F, it will when the temps get into the 50's and the sun hits the roof.

@jlclive next Friday and Saturday @addison_16 and I will be showing how to use Roof Edge Seal at strategic locations on a roof to make the shingles resist high winds and hurricanes better And where to apply strips of Ice and Water Shield to prevent water entering a roof even if the shingles are blown off.  Stop by the #roofingworkshop on the upper floor of the convention center.

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  • 4w ago tunsilpapa_builder tunsilpapa_builder

    Thank you for your honey tips🙂

  • 4w ago peninsulasolar peninsulasolar

    I’ve never known wind driven rain to push under a hip that wasn’t vented. I don’t think that is a bad idea by any means but I don’t know if I could justify the cost. A nail with proper decking embedment through the double seal tab area of a 3 tab, cut tab or hip and ridge specific shingle does just fine. I work in pretty high wind load areas too, traverse city mi, mostly on homes on peninsulas and bluffs.

  • 4w ago jwalkforeal jwalkforeal

    Preferably 6' of ice and eater shield at eaves + full deck armour. 6 nailed Timberline shingles and timberline ridge caps (They come with specialty nails) No call backs, good night sleep. @gafroofing

  • 4w ago

    Like it Mike. 👍🏼

  • 4w ago j_s_construction j_s_construction

    Good luck patching that on later😅 that's a solid looking roof👌

  • 4w ago butchpalaza butchpalaza

    Mike, it just occurred to me that I have no interest in roofing, yet when you're teaching, I'm listening. Always great content, thanks for sharing.

  • 4w ago kwallis11 kwallis11

    Well done

  • 4w ago hammer_helmet_usa hammer_helmet_usa

    Quality video!

  • 4w ago rmpaintingco rmpaintingco

    Good man let them know that I’ll come and paint them up! We here in Rhode Island

  • 4w ago mtl.missives mtl.missives

    Your book on roofing under Tauton Publishing is what I used to teach myself how to roof. I also used an article you did on valley flashing for the same. Will probably come back to this if I get hip this season. Always appreciate your insights.

  • 4w ago mike_guertin mike_guertin

    @butchpalaza Thanks Butch. I'll have to do some Trex decking videos - then you'll be interested😂

  • 4w ago mike_guertin mike_guertin

    @kwallis11 Thanks

  • 4w ago mike_guertin mike_guertin

    @mtl.missives Great to hear you picked up some useful information. I wish I could redo the roof book. It's dated now. Almost 20 years since I wrote it.

  • 4w ago mikewith28 mikewith28

    Yup Mike knows😉

  • 4w ago mtl.missives mtl.missives

    @mike_guertin that would be great. I would definitely buy it. One area I found hard to find detailed information was flashing the chimney, if your considering updates for a second edition. Probably the part I struggled with the most.

  • 4w ago mike_guertin mike_guertin

    I did an article on retrofitting flashing into a brick chimney . Not sure if it was in @jlconline or @finehomebuilding . There was a good article by a roofer in FHB just a couple years ago too.

  • 4w ago dh_contracting dh_contracting

    Great video and use of additional protection 👍🏻👍🏻

  • 4w ago amaznrockstar amaznrockstar

    Very good tip! I’m doing a roof now with a few hips. I’m going to use this technique. Keep them coming!

  • 4w ago kurtmitenbuler kurtmitenbuler


  • 4w ago butchpalaza butchpalaza

    @mike_guertin 😂👍

  • 4w ago

    Nice approach

  • 4w ago bobkelly6112 bobkelly6112

    Nice job !

  • 4w ago miigueliito2348 miigueliito2348

    I can cap that and it never leal or blow away with or without ice and water

  • 4w ago jpuck6190 jpuck6190


  • 4w ago mike_guertin mike_guertin

    @miigueliito2348 what mph zone are you in? I've had double nailed caps blown off in hurricanes Bob and Gloria so I'm more cautious than when in my 30s

  • 4w ago cammurray3999 cammurray3999

    Thats a waste of time and money. Hips never leak. I like to see a little ply on both sides.

  • 3w ago reed_hays_construction reed_hays_construction

    Oh that’s a good idea for a JLC topic! Nice work👏🏼

  • 3w ago toolway toolway


  • 3w ago mike_guertin mike_guertin

    @cammurray3999 Clients have deep pockets 😂😂

  • 3w ago mfp1313 mfp1313

    Like that idea. Must be easier in the winter. Sticky as hell in the summer.

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