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Networking. If you’re in business, you know this is important.⠀

As a small business owner, you’re probably already dedicating a few hours every week to networking and establishing connections.⠀

This may include going to local business networking events, being active at local community events or arranging to grab a coffee with someone new every week.⠀

But how much time do you spend networking online?⠀

See, through using social media, you’re able to connect with a greater amount of people than you could in person.⠀

While that face to face element might not be there, real relationships and connections are still able to be built online.⠀

So how can you effectively network with people online?⠀

The easiest way by far is to jump on Facebook or Instagram and search for other local businesses or influencers in your area. Then go and comment something relevant on their posts or reach out to them with a message.⠀

Another method is to join local business groups on Facebook, then provide value to the group and reach out to various members.⠀

And finally, don’t be scared to use LinkedIn. Connect with prominent individuals you could provide value to or send people their way and comment on their posts.⠀

Knowing how, and leveraging the online space as much as you can, will give you the scalability to grow your business as quickly as you need to where you want it.⠀

How do you network online?

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