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International Coverage⁣

I have seen the evidence of this myself with New Zealand covering the investigation in relation to Seungri and the others involved especially with the molka incident. By JJY being formally charged for the possession and distribution of nonconsensual sexual content, it becomes a matter of not just what if, but who else?⁣

#MeToo was the wildfire outcry of people in power getting away with abuses against those under their influence and now South Korea with the exposure of celebrities and socialites revealing their seedy underbellies, the country is experiencing their own media revolution. We can't fault them for utilising what JJY and Co. have done to their victims but it remains a delicate balance between justice and witchhunt.

I can't deny that the Western media catching onto this case, with the likes of popularised Buzzfeed News and respected sites such as Bloomberg covering means there will be a fresh set of critical eyes on Seungri and us by extension of our continual support. ⁣

Therefore I want to give a few reminders;⁣

1. Innocent until proven guilty is a fundamental human right.⁣
2. Western media will be finding a lot of their information from South Korean media outlets. Remain wary of what they espouse - we have already seen evidence that they have been misinforming audiences and that information will be used as a source.⁣
3. Be prepared to face fresh protestors and antis - facts is what we have at our disposal. ⁣
4. Reporting and blocking blatant lies is also a valid approach.⁣
5. Take breathers and reach out to others. Each of us have made the decision that we are there for Seungri and each other by being here.⁣

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