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Hey How To Learn Anything Season 2 was nominated for best non fiction web series and best animation (Deja Springfield) for the 2019 AMPIA awards! Woo! In light of that I thought I would share a story about filming the rocket cat episode. Since the beginning of having a rocket episode I wanted nothing more than to have a camera on the rocket. So we tested a gopro on a rocket in a scene cut from the episode and it made the rocket fly sideways into a farmers field. Fast forward to the finale and I have a much smaller camera for the same purpose, but to be safe we didnt include it on the first launch incase there was a repeat of the sideways incident. After the rocket was recovered we launched again....and it was never found. This photo is the last frame the camera app sent to me before it went out of range. It would have been such a cool shot! Oh well. #telusoriginal #storyhive #myampia #ampia #rocket #modelrocket #webseries #director #docseries #cat


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