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For a brief moment this bed looked really great and I was so happy with it. But the best laid plans often go awry and so it was with this garden. The viburnum in the background died in the winter of 2018 (henceforth known as The Year of Many Plant Deaths), and the European ginger in the foreground burned up. It turns out they were parked right where the hot afternoon sun shot between trees to the west of it. The ‘Autumn Frost’ hostas were much more obliging but in a true testament to just how long this winter has been, I can’t remember if they are still there or if I moved them last year.
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  • 4w ago thefarmersgarden thefarmersgarden

    Nice combination.

  • 4w ago erinhemming erinhemming

    Love the Autumn Frost - the yellow and blue-green combo is 👌🏻

  • 4w ago karenkjohn karenkjohn

    It does look great...gardens are forever evolving aren't they?

  • 4w ago camidon2018 camidon2018

    I love this!!!

  • 4w ago rosalindaredesigns rosalindaredesigns

    Well, it was gorgeous while it lasted! You have deer AND hostas? How? 😂 Do they nibble the hakonechloa?

  • 4w ago thesoutherngardener thesoutherngardener

    I know how that goes, when you plan something but it doesn't turn out like you expected.

  • 4w ago impatientgardener impatientgardener

    @rosalindaredesigns Fortunately the deer here are generally pretty lazy in summer. They seem to leave the host as close to the house alone because it’s just not worth the hassle when there’s stuff to eat farther from the house. But I do spray with deer repellent through spring. Hakonechloa are completely deer proof in my yard.

  • 4w ago tintarimimi tintarimimi

    Is this mostly shade?

  • 4w ago tintarimimi tintarimimi

    Great job btw

  • 4w ago impatientgardener impatientgardener

    @tintarimimi Part sun (or part shade). The distinction is sort of nebulous to me. Anyway, clearly it was way more sun than the ginger could handle. But I’ve always done well with hostas in a bit of sun and Hakonechloa ‘All Gold’ is a trooper too.

  • 4w ago tintarimimi tintarimimi

    @impatientgardener well you are inspiring !!

  • 4w ago topiarylavender topiarylavender

    Oh the struggle!

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