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*An Ode to January*
Dear January,
Now that we have come half way through you,
The year has started growing familiar again.
The apprehension of what the new year holds for us is slowly waning away.
And so is the cold.
The chill in the air is moving away,
Gradually to move into oblivion,
Slowly to reduce into nothingness.
Making the other side of the bed approachable now,
With which I played a game.
A game of pretention.
Where I had very coyly let go of the other side of the bed,
Pretending this little corner and this small blanket is the maximum amount of bed I could get.
Pretending as though this is my island, surpassing which is only water, which I better not plunge into.
Thinking as if these excuses will make all those harrowing memories go away,
Where I am held hostage in my own room in one corner,
Startled to see how the moment I step out of this maze,
I will destroy something new that day,
Scared to see how, it's only when you're in dire need of help do you understand who stays and who doesn't.
Seeing how noone really stays in a party they don't really like.
You are that party,
A party which gives them all the place to host their merriment,
But, isn't glorious enough to make them stay.
You, January, are taking away my game of pretention from me.
You, January, are yet again, taking away my life only to leave me alive.

Writer - @mazeofmumblings
Artist - @Lil_miss_barman


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