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HELLAPAGOS🌴| 💧After becoming #shipwrecked 🚤, a group of #castaways found themselves on a #desertisle 🏝. At first, the surroundings seem like #paradise , but life soon proves difficult. Water 💧and fish 🐟are scarce. It’s doubtful whether everyone can survive this diet… There is only one solution: Construct a large #raft ⛵️together. But don’t waste any time, because the clouds on the horizon suggest the arrival of a dangerous #hurricane 🌪! At the end of the game, the players who manage to leave the isle in time will win, assuming anyone survives that long! --> This game went from #cooperative to #everyoneforthemselves pretty fast🤭. @lenibeckers shot @mattiasdeparcq and we put him 🍖 on the bbq.. oh the weird things a #boardgame makes you experience 🤷🏼‍♀️.. #bgg #boardgamegeek @gigamicusa #tabletopgames #brettspiel #brætspil #bordspel #j2s #jocsdetaula #juegosdemesa #giochidatavolo #brettspiel #gamenight #jeuxdesociete #hellapagos


  • 4w ago gigamicusa gigamicusa

    We are glad you enjoyed it!

  • 4w ago lenibeckers lenibeckers


  • 4w ago winspel_winterswijk winspel_winterswijk

    I love this one 😃 Mostly play it outdoors in the summer.

  • 4w ago polamagneticgame polamagneticgame


  • 4w ago dngrgames dngrgames

    Wow. Never heard of this game. It’s gorgeous!

  • 4w ago elinejansens elinejansens

    @dngrgames yeah that shipwreck is soooo cool! the possible actions to take are straightforward and somewhat repetitive, but after 2 or 3 rounds starvation hits and the game comes alive. 👌🏻

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  • 3w ago sean.spielt sean.spielt

    I just got it recently and hope to try it soon! With how many players did you play?

  • 3w ago elinejansens elinejansens

    @sean.spielt We were 7. 3 of us started the game with a permanent ability. I was a better fisher, Mark got extra wood, Beau got double water.. So the first 3 rounds the players with abilities performed the related action. The few people without permanent abilities started raiding the shipwreck however. After a few rounds water and food become really scarce but those raiding players just kept on raiding instead of helping us out. That's when hell broke loose.. With everyone trying to save themselves Leni took out her gun and killed us off 🙈. If I would play it again I would make sure to raid early on in the game, not to be left with only a toiletbrush and Quorridor as "survival" items😂

  • 3w ago sean.spielt sean.spielt

    @elinejansens sounds like an experience I’d enjoy! 😅 I hope to get together a larger group soon

  • 3w ago kugelfuchs_boardgames kugelfuchs_boardgames

    Great game 😻👍

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