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@jordanpeele screened 'Us' at Howard University — and the students were definitely hyped🏄🏾‍♂️🏄🏾‍♀️


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  • 3w ago alottlespam alottlespam

    @_j.a.n.d.r.a_ whats so diverse about howard?

  • 3w ago _calebharrris _calebharrris

    @grace.christo yup I was there lmao

  • 3w ago _calebharrris _calebharrris

    @grace.christo peep my finsta and twitter

  • 3w ago king.kelso king.kelso

    @priyas999 "Black culture is creating something beautiful" "white culture has always been about supremacy". Idk if you know this or not, but by definition that's racist.

  • 3w ago mayaevanns mayaevanns

    @chaneywalters bet🤧😂

  • 3w ago missa_kt missa_kt

    🤔I swear I can picture BBQ Becky or stuck up Susy calling the cops🚔

  • 3w ago priyas999 priyas999

    @king.kelso definition of racism: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior. Never have I stated that black culture is superior. I said it’s beautiful because they have endured centuries of oppression and still managed to cultivate a culture that unites them all. What I believe you could be confusing it for is discrimination but I never discriminated you. I’m just stating that in the history of the United States of America white culture and white pride has always been associated with the KKK and their whole idea of white pride is superiority over other races. What is your idea of white culture? I’d really like to know.

  • 3w ago king.kelso king.kelso

    @priyas999 you mean to tell me theres nothing to white culture except racism? Because to me that sounds like you're implying your "culture" is superior by insinuating that black culture is beautiful but white culture "has always been about supremacy". You're basically shitting on white culture as a whole, saying the only thing white culture is associated with is a hate group. I dont care what you use to justify it, you're racist. Period.

  • 3w ago kaylaviva kaylaviva

    @officialgedalia would have***, or would've *** but not would of

  • 3w ago jaybeesouthpaw jaybeesouthpaw

    This is awesome

  • 3w ago highchata highchata

    Yassssss!!! This is awesome! 💯💯

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  • 3w ago gabrielleoreillyy gabrielleoreillyy

    @bobschone I really appreciated this long as hell explanation lol and really appreciate reading a discussion thread that was mainly civil and respectful. I personally continuously try to learn as best I can about other humans, their cultures, their struggles and prides, and your comment really added to that knowledge. I’m in Canada and unfortunately elementary and high schools don’t teach much about other cultures and their history. Thanks so much for this and have a great rest of day, wherever you are!

  • 3w ago shreyatamang shreyatamang

    @blckgoddess damn ur going here soon!!!

  • 3w ago gmcrandall gmcrandall

    So wholesome and pure!

  • 3w ago epln94 epln94

    Imagine white people did this to just enjoy and be proud of being white, which i fukin am after all

  • 3w ago mikey_adamick mikey_adamick

    How is this news? 🤨

  • 3w ago sheepish.skylar sheepish.skylar

    that's beautiful

  • 3w ago margiexox_ margiexox_

    @king.kelso I’m sorry because you were asking a question but there answers are the correct answers to all your questions. Maybe watching a few YouTube videos on race will help. Your questions are valid but they have been answered by society for a while you just have to care enough to look for those answers so you can be more self aware. You asked really tough and really good questions I hope you reread others responses to you in a more let me try to learn kind of way. People who celebrate being white are celebrating their superiority to others who are not. They aren’t celebrating being American or Italian. They would be celebrating the privilege they have because of their skin tone. This is different then celebrating being black because black people have a culture based on their blackness they have gone through very similar situations are treated similarly and are oppressed. Celebrating being black is not about celebrating our skin color it’s about celebrating what we have overcome despite our skin color.

  • 3w ago margiexox_ margiexox_

    @king.kelso the best question to ask is what about being white makes you proud? I’m not saying you shouldn’t be proud I’m saying okay tell me what about being white gives you pride.

  • 3w ago margiexox_ margiexox_

    @dougeyfresh Howard was founded because of racism because nobody wanted black at their college

  • 3w ago fizgiggins fizgiggins

    @king.kelso American culture elevates and celebrates whiteness every day. 😑

  • 3w ago king.kelso king.kelso

    @margiexox_ it's not even specifically being white that makes me proud, I just dont want to feel ashamed of my skin color because people associate my culture with hate groups. I understand I've never been the victim of the systematic oppression that's long haunted the minorities of this country, and I recognize that I am privileged for that. I agree that the black communities should be able to celebrate their heritage, I guess my main point is that I just wish I could feel a similar pride in the culture I'm a part of without feeling like I'm being associated with racists or supremacists. Does that make sense?

  • 3w ago margiexox_ margiexox_

    @king.kelso okay I see, the problem is being white is not really a culture there’s no universal white experiences the only thing white people have in common is their skin color. Unless you believe there is a white culture and can explain because from my understanding there isnt

  • 3w ago margiexox_ margiexox_

    @margiexox_ also I’m not at all criticizing I’m being open minded

  • 3w ago king.kelso king.kelso

    @margiexox_ exactly, I feel like that's my problem. As someone who doesnt know my actual European heritage, I feel as though I have no culture to be a part of and be proud of. It's not that I have any problem with anyone else celebrating their culture, I think it's amazing. I just wish there was one that I belonged to that I could be proud of, because I feel being prideful of simply being white is shameful. I understand I could use ancestry or some other DNA service, but I dont have the money 😕

  • 3w ago margiexox_ margiexox_

    @king.kelso are you from America. Being American is a culture you can be proud of even as a black womenswear who has experienced oppression I am so proud to be an American because for every privilege I don’t have for being black there is a privilege I have for being American and I can acknowledge that. Even if I don’t agree with everything happening in the country.

  • 3w ago margiexox_ margiexox_

    @king.kelso I did 23 and me because I was adopted and it was so cool to see that I’m African, Irish, Puerto Rican and so many other things. In the future when you can afford it I recommend doing it. It’s cool to see that you don’t only fit into the box society puts you in.

  • 3w ago king.kelso king.kelso

    @margiexox_ I'll try and start saving up for it. Isnt it like $100? And idk if this is true or not but I heard some of the companies that do that put your DNA into a government database or something, but tbh that sounds kinda conspiratorial to me.

  • 3w ago blckgoddess blckgoddess

    @shreyatamang 😫😫😫

  • 3w ago justadopeguy justadopeguy

    This was more entertaining then the movie 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣

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    @phoebe_handler this is like when we saw get out

  • 2w ago mami_ariel_38 mami_ariel_38

    @boddie89 this is literally an account abt ENTERTAINMENT

  • 2w ago swoleia swoleia

    @vincentswilliams lemme borrow some of that confidence to quote myself after I make a comment,...

  • 2w ago citrussucks citrussucks

    Hell yeah!!! That’s the only way you can prepare yourself for how scary that movie is too lol

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    Ayeee!!! I wish I was there!! 😃🍫

  • 2w ago sakurachild94 sakurachild94

    @king.kelso it’s only $50 around Christmas time or Black Friday sales.

  • 2w ago king.kelso king.kelso

    @sakurachild94 thanks, I'll keep that in mind

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