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Take a look in my mirror. What do you see?
If you're new to my page, perhaps you see someone who is obese and needs to clean up her life and show some will power.
If you've been around awhile, perhaps you see someone who touts fitness and nutrition, but isn't making much progress and doesn't fit the mold of a personal trainer.
If you've been around since the beginning of my journey, maybe you see someone who had worked hard and made progress, but still has some work left to do.
Now, what do you know?
Do you know I fight a sugar addiction?
Do you know that I struggle with anxiety and depression on and off?
Do you know that I have an eating disorder? That I'm a recovering binger and closet eater?
Do you know that I once tried to become anorexic to solve my weight issue?
Do you know that I've flirted with bulimia several times - that the only thing that stopped me from shoving a finger down my throat was the knowledge that if I did it once, I would never stop? -------------------------
Obesity doesn't stem from not knowing your lifestyle isn't healthy or from not having will power. There is ALMOST ALWAYS a demon or five that person is fighting.
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    P.S. - What did I see? This picture was taken because I caught a glimpse of myself as I walked by and saw that I was developing squatter's butt. 😂 Too bad you can't see it in the picture! (Or maybe that's a good thing. 😜)

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