Instagram post by @hollanders_truth The Truth About Tom Holland


  • 3w ago lillisksk lillisksk


  • 3w ago izzy_r_xx izzy_r_xx

    Absolute lies

  • 3w ago itselabedoya10 itselabedoya10

    He could’ve been getting someone else a necklace like his mum for example?

  • 3w ago im_not_famous_lol im_not_famous_lol

    I thought it was his brothers birthday

  • 2w ago _mariromo _mariromo

    @itselabedoya10 I mean I’m not defending this shitty ass person but Z was seen wearing a necklace from that store the next day so I assume Tom gave it to her since he was there the day before???

  • 5d ago tombabyholland tombabyholland

    can't they just be friends? leave them the fuck alone, mind you own fucking business

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