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How do you wash your jeans? 👖 Here we have, from bottom up: a brand new pair of unwashed E8 Japanese indigo jeans made from sanforized (pre-shrunk) raw denim, David’s E8 worn about 175 times yet hand washed 3 times, then Han’s E8 worn daily for a year and machine washed around 10 times. It’s usually recommended to not wash your jeans for at least 6 months in order for you to settle in to them, however this can be unbearably dirty. Washing as little as necessary is a good thing, not only for the textiles but also for the environment. 💦
Jeans production is already hugely damaging when you consider cotton agriculture, dyeing and transportation (plus everything in between), and every decision we make when choosing our fabric takes into account all of the environmental issues. However, you still have a part to play. Our care habits see us washing clothes way more than necessary, so on World Water Day we would like you to muse on your denim care procedure. We want you to feel comfortable and fresh in your jeans, so we have recommended some ways that you can keep your jeans healthy while minimising your impact, as well as looking at the pros and cons of hand wash over machine wash. You can find this if you head to “help” on our website. Each and every time you wear your jeans you are ‘fingerprinting’ them, so postponing a wash won’t necessarily erase all of your hard work. Of course, you are most welcome to see how long you can last - we merely want to illustrate that you can take care of your denim (and the environment) no matter what laundry method you choose. 🌱
We’re almost ready to release our next collaboration that sees a low impact botanical take on denim washing and refreshing, so keep your eyes peeled. Stop by the ateliers for some washing chat Tuesday-Saturday. But FYI: if you want your jeans repaired, you do have to wash them regardless of your stance. 🧼 #worldwaterday #denimjeans #denimproduction #carelabelproject #responsiblefashion #rawdenim #selvedgedenim #japanesedenim #lowimpact #minimisationofwaste #denimwash #E8 #environmentalawareness #connectivity #laundryhabits #slowfashion #blackhorselaneateliers #blackhorselanedenim


  • 4w ago robsimpson33 robsimpson33

    I don’t!

  • 4w ago dmitrythegreat dmitrythegreat

    I wash my jeans once in 6 months. My wife laughs at me o_O

  • 4w ago beresd beresd

    I do one denim wash a year. Between Christmas and new year and all 35 pairs go through the process.

  • 4w ago beresd beresd

    @dmitrythegreat mine is disgusted with me!

  • 4w ago dmitrythegreat dmitrythegreat

    @beresd modern life is rubbish. People need to be told and educated. Waste of water as well

  • 4w ago dmitrythegreat dmitrythegreat

    @beresd p.s. how do you have 35 pairs? You mad?

  • 4w ago chris_aandj chris_aandj

    Great read. I will definitely consider new wash options

  • 4w ago finlayk76 finlayk76

    I had read that putting them in the freezer, instead of washing, is good enough to kill any bacteria?

  • 4w ago mrnicholasajones mrnicholasajones

    @finlayk76 it does' it kills the germs smells and kills the hangover when you put them.back on. Try it....

  • 4w ago beresd beresd

    @dmitrythegreat collect them don’t I! Waft weft weave mills weights selvege colours blah blah blah.

  • 4w ago blackhorselane blackhorselane

    @mrnicholasajones it actually doesn’t! Doing this essentially allows the bacteria to hibernate, providing moisture when the jeans come out. We always recommend a spray to freshen up in the most nasty areas e.g. Crotch, knees, pockets

  • 4w ago dmitrythegreat dmitrythegreat

    @beresd good god. I see. Must be never ending conflict what to wear 😝

  • 4w ago beresd beresd

    @dmitrythegreat yup! The struggle is real 😉

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