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☝️ Are you afraid to hang out by yourself? ⁣⁣
Don’t be! ⁣⁣
I’ve really been enjoying quality time alone these days. There’s a certain sense of peace that comes along with doing things on your own and being a-ok with doing things on your own. You come to realize that a table for 1 isn’t lonely and it’s totally fine if every seat at your table isn’t filled.⁣
You begin to truly see the value of your own personal space and time... And you learn to protect and respect that. ⁣⁣

Solitude (in healthy doses) is not scary nor is it “weird.” We should end the stigma associated with it... It actually helps you get to know yourself on a different level, gets your creative juices flowing and it may even help you better your other relationships. ⁣⁣
📕Also, check out this book. “Attitude 101” by @johncmaxwell Super short and easy read. Skill alone will only get you so far, but with skill AND a great attitude, there are no limits.


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