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Forcella Ciampei


  • 3w ago wtofd wtofd

    Hot day climbing up from the Lech Ciampei. Lots of ibex tracks on the descent. The Puez Odle National Forest (nature park?) is wild. Lunar craters and peaks with no living beings but birds, edelweiss, and the ibex which come out at dusk to feed. #puezodle #altabadia #sudtirol #dolomites

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  • 3w ago imajs imajs

    I want to go to there

  • 3w ago wtofd wtofd

    @imajs I sense your wife knows how to make that happen.

  • 3w ago wtofd wtofd

    @margaretlsweet I saw one up close this weekend and thought I was Marlin Perkins. Apparently they’re everywhere like squirrels. Still beautiful and can climb straight uphill.

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  • 3w ago juniperpants juniperpants

    Beautiful 🙌🏼

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