Instagram post by Rachel Lynn Photography

How I’m feeling after a super productive work date with one of my besties! 🤩 A lot of people see owning a business as the best thing ever since you get to make your own schedule. That’s absolutely my number one fav thing about owning my own business, but it also comes with some struggles! The struggle to motivate yourself, and hold yourself accountable in all things business is REAL Y’ALL. It’s nothing to be ashamed of as I know a lot of business owners struggle with this, especially in “slow” season when there’s not mile long to-do lists, but still things to accomplish that matter. Today meeting up with @tarahelisephoto was just what I needed to get out of my little unmotivated rut I was in! Thankful for real friendships that I can share struggles and also share victories with. There’s my little two cents for today. 🤗


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