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Yesssss. So good. However, whatever it takes, let it go.🎯 This embodies how I felt when faced with "no", "sorry", "that's not possible" "no amount of money will get me to a yes" from a supplier that is imperative for an upcoming project, what was I needing? To ship to a different address then the one I put on file back in 2016 🙄 #nonsense -> immediately following the repeated rejection that made no sense, my car refused to start - the very day after I took it to the shop for a check-up and was told what incredible shape it's in. 🙈
The day went on and on. But none of the things got to me. It was amazing. I strive for this reaction every time I'm rejected and things go wrong in life. I try to #embodyzen in all ways but truthfully somedays it just feels impossible and like nothing's going right. We've all been there.
Yesterday felt like one of those impossible days and I was my best self in response all day - the key? First response #deepbreathing (I don’t think I’ve taken that many deep breathes throughout a day before). Second step, focus on gratitude. Every time something went wrong I found a different thing that’s going right and sat with being appreciative for it. Simple? Yes. Effective? Yes. Yesterday was a yes, all the bitches whatevered and I ended the crazy day with another deep breathe and a grateful heart that the events of the day didn’t take me on a rollercoaster 🎢 ride. And you know what, today looks even brighter because of the experience. 🌻 #spring #grateful
P.s. Who is this artist so I can credit them??? #goals #feelsogood #slothlife #quotestoliveby


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