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Happy Wednesday... ready for tonight’s episode? 😉 @whiskeycavalierabc


  • 3w ago laurencohanx laurencohanx

    i hope your ok lauren, love and miss you so much🖤

  • 3w ago laurencohanx laurencohanx

    @laurencohanx *you’re

  • 3w ago laurencohanx laurencohanx

    so so sad you can’t make it to london on saturday but i love you so much and i know that your job comes first🖤

  • 3w ago vickypinelli vickypinelli

    Hola bella lauren soy una nueva fan de esta hermosa serie me encanta este equipo ,besos a todos y saludos desde argentina 🇦🇷

  • 3w ago cheechan_gram cheechan_gram

    I look forward to your coming to Japan.

  • 3w ago touaregbebe70 touaregbebe70

    Love the show! Watching it right now!👍💖

  • 3w ago kystraightice kystraightice

    @laurencohan Sooooo we took a vote, and as the #whiskeycavalier YOU have been selected as our new official spokesperson!! Congratulations!! You start Monday! Please bring #whiskey 😁 #cheers

  • 3w ago jeejeeell jeejeeell

    Can not get better than this on tv now 💯🔝

  • 3w ago mlkaclson mlkaclson

    @harryjunior_nyc because the walking dead sucks now?? lmao. she’s better off with this show. it’s actually super good if you’d take your head out of your ass and actually appreciate that she’s a lead in a show now 🤷‍♀️😬

  • 3w ago mlkaclson mlkaclson

    @uselessagenda twd is actually pretty shitty. literally every single og character is gone except for Daryl and Carol. them and michonne are the only good characters left and michonne is leaving. therefore, twd sucks ass now. this is actually an amazing show so bye and stop hating on her for her success 👋👋

  • 3w ago kirstin6177 kirstin6177

    @laurencohan are you gonna came back to TWD in season 10 or finally of episode of 9

  • 3w ago uselessagenda uselessagenda

    @mlkaclson you can suck a fat dick 👏🏻👏🏻🙀

  • 3w ago

    @harryjunior_nyc don’t forget she’s still part show no matter what. she’s not written off

  • 3w ago

    @uselessagenda how about be patient she’s hinted that she may come back it’s matter of time

  • 2w ago 5wearingthree1 5wearingthree1

    I wish I could jerk it on Lauren’s face

  • 2w ago _______aria________ _______aria________

    I just joined #instagram. Please follow me dears.thank you. #love

  • 2w ago

    @harryjunior_nyc what the fuck are you talking about? This is her chance do something with her career but no assholes like you want to bitch at her for doing something that she thinks is right for herself. you fucking selfish dickhead.

  • 2w ago michelleleeduffy michelleleeduffy

    Love you as Maggie and Frankie @laurencohan and I love #whiskeycavalierabc 💙

  • 2w ago uri_heller uri_heller

    Why did you left TWD. Everyone know you from that show and we miss Maggie

  • 2w ago ben_roy57 ben_roy57

    Come back to TWD

  • 1w ago scarletrose01 scarletrose01

    Le hubieran hecho otra caracterizacion a Lauren, ponerle cabello largo y otro tipo de ropa, se ve aún como Maggie de TWD a Wisky

  • 1w ago longhorn_joco34 longhorn_joco34

    Come back to TWD :(

  • 1w ago gwenchaisson420 gwenchaisson420

    This show sucks

  • 3d ago badvibezforever123 badvibezforever123

    @mlkaclson yo you just a fun girl of her the walking dead is the best show on AMC she left because she wanted more money dumbass and look where she is now with a show that low views and the worst plot ever!

  • 3d ago mlkaclson mlkaclson

    @badvibezforever123 you’d have to name so many reasons on why twd is good? I can only name 2 which are Carol and Daryl. other than them the show sucks ass. that’s why everyone is leaving the show? literally Carol and Daryl are the only ones left from the original cast and Michonne is leaving too? so no, she didn’t need more money, she spent 7 seasons on the walking dead, she didn’t need more money but she probably would like to be on something new and be the lead on something for once. twd treated her like shit, I’m glad she left. I stopped watching and I found out, I wasn’t the only one. millions of people stopped watching it? 😂 why would Lauren want to stay on a show that’s not even good anymore? because the show got super boring and the plots had so many plot holes in them. and besides that, they’re not even following the comics anymore so there’s no point of even watching it. it’s so bad now. so wanna remind me again on which show was bad? 😂 the show she is on now is super good. you might just be too young to appreciate it, I mean it is an 18+ show? 😬😬😬

  • 3d ago badvibezforever123 badvibezforever123

    @mlkaclson yo you have too much time in your hands get a life lol 🖕

  • 3d ago mlkaclson mlkaclson

    @badvibezforever123 says the person who literally found my comment in a comment section and replied to it? 🤣 but go off?

  • 3d ago badvibezforever123 badvibezforever123

    @mlkaclson says the person that typed a whole ass essay to respond back to a paragraph lol 💀

  • 3d ago mlkaclson mlkaclson

    @badvibezforever123 because you clearly had no idea why she left so I was explaining it for you 😂 sorry for helping out 😂😂

  • 3d ago badvibezforever123 badvibezforever123

    @mlkaclson the show that she in now suck ass i

  • 3d ago mlkaclson mlkaclson

    @badvibezforever123 not even lol. like I said before, I think you’re just too young to appreciate it.

  • 3d ago badvibezforever123 badvibezforever123

    @mlkaclson tf how old you think I am the show that she is not even complex

  • 3d ago badvibezforever123 badvibezforever123

    @harryjunior_nyc dude am on your side tf

  • 3d ago badvibezforever123 badvibezforever123

    @harryjunior_nyc I agreed with you stupid ass

  • 3d ago harryjunior_nyc harryjunior_nyc

    @badvibezforever123 sorry 😐

  • 3d ago badvibezforever123 badvibezforever123

    @harryjunior_nyc ...........

  • 2d ago luckycharmsbaby__ luckycharmsbaby__

    @davidnicol2011 this is why shes not back on twd x

  • 5h ago mlkaclson mlkaclson

    @harryjunior_nyc okay are you a child or just extremely low IQ? everything you just wrote was so hard to read, I lost brain cells trying to understand you. sorry to say but maybe you’re the one with bad taste and lazy. I mean your attitude already sucks just as badly. wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t have any friends. or is it a home issue? Is mommy not being nice to you sweetie? 😰 she’s only feeding you twinkies? I’m sorrryyyyyy sweetheart. fix your damn attitude cause you’re just a straight asshole, DAMN.

  • 4h ago harryjunior_nyc harryjunior_nyc

    @mlkaclson appreciate what it’s a shitty TV show that won’t even last 2 seasons. You’re a dumb fuck to think she’s not cashing in on this useless show. She’s getting paid big... money 💰

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