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  • 4w ago moellman moellman

    Is it me @howard.schultz or are corporations not paying their fare share of taxes? Apple in particular. A quick google search showed some disgusting numbers.

  • 4w ago richnike2 richnike2

    Thank you Howard Schultz for delivering this message. Both of the other parties have no plan. It’s time for a change

  • 4w ago luludollz luludollz

    Military is pretty bloated. Building things it doesn’t use just because Senators want to keep those jobs in their states. Seems like the first place we should cut after raising taxes on the wealthy.

  • 4w ago tessyreads tessyreads

    @moellman I agree! Maybe Schultz and companies like Amazon can pay their share of taxes instead of profits in the millions and billions and massive tax cuts.

  • 4w ago eviemariewarner eviemariewarner

    Go away!!!

  • 4w ago eviemariewarner eviemariewarner

    Go away!!!

  • 4w ago hildell2012 hildell2012

    Go for president 👏

  • 4w ago fayebrooklyn fayebrooklyn

    @tessyreads I don’t think liberal ppl are against paying a fair share that helps everyone else up, together. But if the game is rigged a certain way, they will play the game the GOP put into place instead of sitting there like a weakling w/out $...

  • 4w ago donaldmooney donaldmooney

    So you going to cut all the programs that help people just like your buddy Trump.

  • 4w ago donaldmooney donaldmooney

    Watch it Schultz is a Con Man.

  • 4w ago jabronijones jabronijones

    @andrewr_jackson Schultz > Beta

  • 4w ago maryandersen6799 maryandersen6799

    The extreme left is pushing moderate Democrats away. I am searching for someone to lead us Republicans away from the do nothing Republican Congress. We need you Howard! I think centrists will welcome an independent candidate with good, common sense answers to today’s mess!!!

  • 4w ago andrewr_jackson andrewr_jackson

    @jabronijones I’m very confused with this... is he agreeing with Beto? Also Schultz is just on an embarrassment book tour #SXSW

  • 4w ago thomas_kellers_melons thomas_kellers_melons

    Stop attacking others it only brings you down or you are making yourself look like a really pathetic leader! That is not a lesson in leadership try harder Howard!

  • 4w ago jabronijones jabronijones

    @andrewr_jackson you’re an embarrassment

  • 4w ago gerry.21 gerry.21

    USA would be perfect if Howard Schultz became president and Beto O Rourke Vice President.

  • 4w ago andrewr_jackson andrewr_jackson

    @jabronijones #SXSW

  • 4w ago mamba_n_jack mamba_n_jack

    @leo.trentin by far? On what platform? His Medicaid platform? Take on the billionaires? His environmental policies? Foreign affairs? Don’t get me wrong, I like Schultz, but if he is to make any difference, he’s gonna have to beat the guy known by the name Sanders on all frontiers. Honestly, I’d be very happy to see him team up w Sanders.

  • 4w ago mamba_n_jack mamba_n_jack

    @delicious.nat which kind of proves the point why he wldnt get too far in the election.

  • 4w ago mamba_n_jack mamba_n_jack

    @fnardo62 yeah, Bc ad hom statements make “great arguments” and ppl take them seriously. Ok.

  • 4w ago vinyasacommunityyoga vinyasacommunityyoga

    Compound interest it’s a doozie❤️

  • 4w ago natmakesdough natmakesdough

    @mamba_n_jack actually it proves zero as to anything related to his run. He grew up poor. He’s a true story of rags to riches. Read his books and watch his interviews and his appearances and you will understand him better. People need to STOP punishing others for becoming successful in this country... that’s why we have Capitalism flaws and all.

  • 4w ago mamba_n_jack mamba_n_jack

    @delicious.nat not punishing him at all, I’m just going off of what the majority of the voters wld resort to in order to discredit him. Bc our friend leo here said he was the “best candidate by far.” He might be everything you claim him to be, but that’s not what the voting pool in America will see. And thus, it’s more of a weakness at present than strength. I don’t have to read everything abt his past, I already like a lot of things about Schultz. “Not every decision is an economic one.” That’s what earned him my respect.

  • 4w ago natmakesdough natmakesdough

    @mamba_n_jack whether he is by far the best candidate or not is subjective to one’s tastes and personal beliefs. Every country gets the president they deserve and as you say if the voting pool doesn’t favor someone like Schultz than so be it. He’s non-partisan and a centrist which is what this country needs (in my opinion). He seems to be a very visionary and evolved person... he understands the dynamics of how humans communicate and how they react to products and services emotionally and I feel like he has amazing qualities.

  • 4w ago silverwiig silverwiig

    @moellman Amazon is way worse tbh. But I agree with you

  • 4w ago dr_ice77 dr_ice77

    @jamesthorne92 😂

  • 4w ago mikewesowski_ mikewesowski_

    I don’t disagree but it’s the way you go about it and all of that entails

  • 4w ago debossli debossli

    @delicious.nat yasssss. Great points.

  • 4w ago debossli debossli

    I have your back Howie!! #onward

  • 4w ago natmakesdough natmakesdough

    @debossli 💯thank you👌🏼

  • 4w ago trainsnacks trainsnacks

    @betoorourke is a clown

  • 4w ago svetesauce svetesauce

    As on peel back military spending and pay for college and healthcare so we have a healthier, more educated, and understanding society?

  • 4w ago howardschultz.2020 howardschultz.2020


  • 4w ago wreckdiver61 wreckdiver61

    It’s the American way from credit cards to the government

  • 4w ago southfloridaswims southfloridaswims


  • 4w ago mr_du_prizzle mr_du_prizzle

    You mean the extravagant spending like giving away the tax cuts to the rich that now has to be paid for by middle America? Oh wait you won’t address that will you, the costs will be given to everyday people cause your full of shit.

  • 4w ago mouraddjamel mouraddjamel

    Please don’t quote that moron ...

  • 2w ago gretchensdad gretchensdad

    I was interested in this FIX THE SYSTEM until I read this tweet. I'm a CONSTITUTIONALIST and conservative NOT Republican. But there was no disclaimer about not supporting Beto? Our system is broken but we cannot "fix" it with socialism and career politicians. Beto couldn't pass a background check for employment at McDonalds. Bad move.

  • 2w ago warriorpoet222 warriorpoet222

    Obama created the largest amount of debt in history of the country. Beta O'dork would be a disaster for this country

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