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10) A strong support system
With a strong support system u can do wonders. Support system refers to ur family ur husband ur friends ur in laws who are able to help ease ur workload. If that weekend u know u have lots of orders but short of manpower, u can seek their help either in preparing the orders or help out with the kids. Perhaps they bring the kidsfor the weekend so u can focus entirely on ur orders.
If u have a booth or expo and if u need help there, rather then employing a stranger that might cheat ur money, better get help from ur support system instead.
Another scenario is when u have to bring ur breastfeeding baby along. You also need ur support system help. To entertain the baby while u have customers and when baby needs to be fed u both switch roles. U tend to ur baby while the other tend to the customers. Ultimately baby is happy and money comes in

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