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-PART 3-

8) Patience
Similar to growing plants, it takes patience to grow ur business. It doesnt grow strong and mighty over night. It takes time and work. For example, lets say u r starting a clothing business. And u have set up ur accts on IG and FB. Most likely u start with maybe 300 followers which are ur family and friends . And then u start posting pics or ur clothings but nobody buy. Or maybe 1 or 2 pple buy. And then u manage to grow till 500 followers and the progress is still slow. Very often pple give up. But shldnt be the way. Because u need to find ways to grow the number of followers and make sure its made up of ur target market. If you are selling kids clothings then make sure in ur accts are mostly mummies and daddies.
Constantly post abt ur products. Not say u one time post all the people who r following u confirn get to see. So keep posting like what i mentioned earlier. As ur target market grows so will ur sales. .
9) A routine
If u r a mum especially, create a routine and follow it. Ur time and attention is divided. Business, kids, husband somemore. So u need to make sure u create a routine so u r not over stressed and u dont drive urself crazy. Clean ur hse daily , clean ur work area daily , clean ur kids toys daily, fold the clothes when its dried. Dont say nvm tmr can. Because if tmr doesnt happen it becomes the day after and so forth. And u end up with a mountain of clothes to fold , with an extremely dirty hm and untidy workspace. Unknowingly these makes u demoralise and u start getting very frustrated very stressed and then give up on the business. If u r kids are old enough train them to clean up after themselves. Clean their toys, clean their mess. Its one chore down for u.
U will be able to manage all aspects if u plan properly amd organise things properly.

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