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Happy equinox and full moon!🌎🌕 What a change-prone period we're going through!
Tonight we're going to experience the culmination of this powerful full moon that's troubled many nights of sleep these days!
The full moon shines a light on the shadow self and it's a great opportunity to deal with that shadow. At first, we just react in the emotions it brings up, but gradually you can train yourself to pause before reacting and seeing behind the emotion, behind the anger spur or frustration, or whatever it brings up. .
This full moon is not alone though, it's marked by the Spring Equinox - the equal day and night when the sun is aligning with the Equator line. .
It's time to cleanse, release, let go, heal and begin afresh! It's a new opportunity to take off - and as with a take-off, the start may be bumpy and shaky, but soon you'll be out of the turbulence and sailing smoothly into your new chapter. .
Be careful what you ask for and make sure it's aligned with your truth, because when it happens you can't send it back and ask for a refund! :) .
This change we're going through is feminine in its energetic aspects, supported by the masculine, but flowing and nurturing our souls with creativity and ability to bring new 'work' to life. .
If you want a reading, got to the link in bio, click on Moon Readings, set an intention, ask a question and let me know under the full moon post that you want a reading.
Much love and blessings! .
Denisa xoxo

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