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‘Celebrating the Muslims of @oxford_uni, one story at a time.’ Read more about the Muslim community at Oxford on the new @muslimsofoxford page - set up by students to showcase the different Muslim students studying here! #Repost @muslimsofoxford ・・・
'I lived most of my life being a pretty average Muslim, just following things my parents would teach me and having a general belief in the religion. But it never manifested into anything greater than that, until I came to Oxford, and joining the Islamic Society here genuinely transformed my life.' - Haseem


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    As a Muslim, that studied at Oxford 15 years ago, the only reason why things like this are important is because it humanises; whenever I would talk to anyone, a lot of the time I’d have to start with an explanation of the context in which what I’m saying is framed... when all I wanna do is bitch and moan because GAP is all out of white tshirts. I was (and still am!) just a regular guy, trying to help the people of this country not fall ill...

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    Thanks @jamestaylor__, you’re too kind. @bill_victor_ I totally agree with you, we are all brought together by our common goal of trying to help people and improve lives, for those in our immediate community (e.g. Oxford) and the wider world. But it’s also important to be aware of, and appreciate, our differences so that we aren’t bigoted in our views and have a better understanding of the people we come across who aren’t from the same background as us. I think this helps harmonise those moral commonalities and works both ways for all parties involved.

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    The muslims belive all Isa,Musa,Davud.If you live as a Müslim ,Real Müslim I m sure every one change their ideas of about Müslim people

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    Yaaa Im Muslim too🙌

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    Proud of you all guys

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    @izzywindsor so because of the need for a change discrimination against muslim is despicable but against Christian is encouraged? Peculiar reason indeed, especially considering how much Christians have and continue to suffer at the hands of muslims.

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    @terrysky18 your being very silly

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    @terrysky18 because muslims are minority. Automatically your statement is discrimination. Lol

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    @gulin.mutlu Muslims believe those prophet as messenger of God, not as God. If they (non-muslim) really want to know about it deeply and objectively by using open-minded, I am so sure that they will do believe that Islam is the real of religion and Allah is the true of God. Keep tolerance

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    But people why can not buildings in theirs country like okfords two university this they have English Germany French language teacher...

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    Christians are the most killed religious people in the world. Every year 80.000 Christians are killed because of their religion - mostly in the Middle East. Why is there no commemoration or any mentioning of their sacrifice and death? Hype

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    @haseem1 @haseem1 yes, I think you clarified the nature of value in diversity far better than in the original post made by the uni. There is definitely value to be found in diversity of culture, thought and and identity for all the reasons you listed. My original comment was rooted in worry about how good intentioned people often seek to find value in people *simply* because of their differences. Obviously, you are a beloved member of the Oxford community and you go out of your way to improve the lives of people wether they belong to your religion or not. This is what foremost makes you a great man and asset to your community and planet. No person is simply worth celebrating simply for being Muslim, Christian, or Athiest, as it says nothing of their moral character.

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    @burhan_ddin28 tell that to the victims of London 7-7 or families of Fusilier Rigby, Mr Ignorant Troll

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    @terrysky18 The perpetrators in those instances were terrorists who misinterpreted Islamic texts to fit attempt to justify their hatred and violence. The entire Muslim community has condemned their actions. This isn’t a problem specific to Islam; I’m sure you know about the IRA and the Crusades to give a couple of examples

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    Muslims are The Best❤️😘

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    @sethcollin Lol. “The Crusades”. Give me a break. How about institutions such as Oxford stop celebrating certain groups and celebrate everyone. How about dopes such as yourself stop justifying the actions of a religion by saying “it’s only a small number of them”, or “what about Christians....”. Religion of Peace my ass.

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    Are you men or fagots honoring your ancestors instead of dishonoring your parents, and are you dying?

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