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Sorry I’ve been so inactive. I don’t have any books right now, I wish I did though. I finished this book a couple of weeks ago, the beginning was a bit slow for me and honestly made me want to give up, but I always pondered on whether the ending was a slam dunk or a complete fail so I continued to read. To say the least I’m in love with these two characters. Truly this book inspired me to focus and be who I wanted to become and what I’ve always wanted to do but felt shunned away for doing. This books is funny and different. It didn’t feel cliché or fake. It was real and honest. I definitely recommend to anyone who loves a good rom/com #bookstagram #books #bookshelf #booksbooksbooks #bookstoread #bookquotes #bookshelves #bookclub #bookworm #bookish #bookobsessed #bookcommunity #bookaholic


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