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Just dropped. @SkinDope online @Sephora. #DopeSkinIsIn #Sephora
Our 100% organic full-spectrum oil promotes optimal skin balance and wellness, boosting skin's strength, elasticity, and bounce, while soothing troubled skin issues. It's like 911 for your skin.


  • 4w ago dorothythechick dorothythechick

    Ordered mine today and I got my sissy one too of course;)

  • 4w ago dorothythechick dorothythechick

    Do I still use my argan oil? How do I use my milk with this as well.. I need help with my soon to be new skin regimen

  • 4w ago lamonicaw109 lamonicaw109

    I have @SkinDope , and I tell you... IT'S A REVELATION!

  • 4w ago lisaolson65 lisaolson65


  • 4w ago perezamayav perezamayav

    @gianellaparodi un most

  • 4w ago shoplanikayb shoplanikayb

    👍 👍

  • 4w ago tweetstur tweetstur

    Which of your products is best for (1) facial moisturizer & (2) eye cream. Also, best anti wrinkle product for face/eyes

  • 4w ago 6_6.ohh 6_6.ohh

    just oil < makeup

  • 4w ago 6_6.ohh 6_6.ohh

    @6_6.ohh bring back your blushes!

  • 4w ago 6_6.ohh 6_6.ohh

    @6_6.ohh cream blush and cheek sticks

  • 4w ago tnantz45 tnantz45

    Got my 2 bottles of argan oil skin dope in 100 mg of cnd

  • 4w ago tnantz45 tnantz45

    Hemp seed and cbd argan oil 😊😊😊

  • 4w ago tishodoes tishodoes

    Hi as your loyal customer who loves your products and cant leave without, out of all the brands your concealer is literally only one that works for my under-eyes so @josiemarancosmetics please consider partnering up with @afterpayusa so we could shop more with you; I just cant be the only customer asking for it.

  • 4w ago 777jas 777jas

    will there be a restock on the fluid concealer in the shade “light”? it is sold out on ur site and Sephora’s 😅

  • 4w ago josiemarancosmetics josiemarancosmetics

    @dorothythechick hi there! Skin Dope can be used instead of Argan Oil, however you can alternate the two on a daily basis or morning and night. The regimen we recommend is to cleanse, then argan milk, argan butter, and oil as the final step :)

  • 4w ago dorothythechick dorothythechick

    @josiemarancosmetics argan butter? As in argan butter for the face?- not body butter? Right?

  • 4w ago _lamunita_ _lamunita_

    @dorothythechick yes they have a moisturizer called Face Butter that’s is amaazinng!

  • 4w ago becksbones becksbones

    Loooove that face butter.

  • 4w ago leelee1655 leelee1655

    What's the difference from JM Aragon 100% oil?

  • 4w ago betimbal betimbal


  • 4w ago dorothythechick dorothythechick

    @josiemarancosmetics I just got my Skin Dope today!!! Super excited!

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