Instagram post by @barefoot_holistic_coach Bonnie Farrell

Trust the universe, and relaxxxxx

Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed. Like we don't have enough time in the day to get everything done. Like we have so many things we want to pursue but don't know where to put our energy. We don't feel grounded and instead allow our brain to tick over the ever expanding never ending list that accumulates.

We forget the answer is right in front of us, asking for our attention which we have been dismissing. The beauty in everything around you right now. How lucky you are to have everything you have right now. The knowing that, it will be as it will be and if you are able to live whole heartedly in the beauty of this moment the list will in fact happen naturally, just exactly when it needs to and then you'll notice time begins to work with you not against you.
I dare you to try it and see...

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