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NO CAPTiON BECAUSE iG CAN’T HANDLE ME CALLiN A BiTCH OUT. #WhenInstaGranniesAttack #VikingBarbie


  • 4w ago mrbb802 mrbb802

    @caity_too I want to be on it too LOL I dont play I'll call a hoe a hoe for messing with our girl @daizha.morgann #FACTS

  • 4w ago berrettaincusa berrettaincusa

    I just know that you're freaking gorgeous Daizha ! 😘😘

  • 4w ago iammimmoann iammimmoann

    Alla facc ro cazz

  • 4w ago ayanmehra.official ayanmehra.official

    Whom uh are talking about in this video @daizha.morgann

  • 4w ago christal_ob christal_ob

    I can’t stand people like that that’s why nobody’s like that in my circle. Fudge her💜💋🤣💯

  • 4w ago frog_sr frog_sr


  • 4w ago valdez9872 valdez9872

    #Daizha.morgann please pray for my oldest son justin he found out five day's ago he has cancer and the day he called to tell me i was at loss of word's i did not want to belive it.i still can't get my self please pray for him and if u can donate we set up a go fund page for him to help him with treatment and electric wheel chair and meds and look it up if u can.

  • 4w ago igetmoney1010 igetmoney1010

    Respect girl do your thing dont let this no negative people get to you life is way to short for that shit 💯💯 keep going your thing beautiful 😘

  • 4w ago chronikflower chronikflower

    They hatin cause you’re THAT bitch,period 🖤

  • 4w ago lejealagrande lejealagrande

    @daizha.morgann 🌹❤️🔥 Your supported, and most of all loved. Besides you have every single one of us backing you. She jealous, you have the world at your feet Goddess!!🌹❤️🔥 call it out baby!!

  • 4w ago unicornorgy unicornorgy

    I fucking love you 😂🙌

  • 4w ago blackjitsu408 blackjitsu408

    ❤️ that shirt

  • 4w ago monroe.austyn monroe.austyn

    Girlll these “ig models” ain’t shit I found out all along the people who were reporting my account and getting them taken down were other girls doing the same thing as me they just couldn’t stand to watch someone else win it’s so sad keep your head up and to any of you fake ass bitches reading this fuck off karma is real hoes

  • 4w ago edwin.velez.9 edwin.velez.9


  • 4w ago psycho.ken psycho.ken

    I guess I started something.

  • 4w ago k9dabarber k9dabarber

    Tell em girlfriend!!

  • 4w ago cute_caramel_hustla cute_caramel_hustla

    I love your shirt girls from the land don’t play okurrr periodt we don’t fuck with fake bishes

  • 4w ago travis_awsome travis_awsome

    You are the best person in the whole world and there is no one or anything that will stop you from success💯😍🔥

  • 4w ago toneizdaman toneizdaman

    haters smh 🤣

  • 4w ago weedqueen98 weedqueen98

    Literally the only reason that song is even on the map is cuz it’s basically soft core porn😂😂 all the did was dress up in shitty bondage leather and I guess it’s called a “rap” song but... like...🙄 if people would stop endorsing stupid people we’d all be a lot happier

  • 4w ago allstock_rs allstock_rs

    "Cant we all just get along" I know her old ass remember that.. #IceCityforOctobooty 💯

  • 4w ago meekli_1424 meekli_1424

    Nice fairy tale

  • 4w ago redhead.kate redhead.kate

    Hahah yesss girl

  • 4w ago g9matt g9matt

    @monroe.austyn off topic, but when we gonna get an Austyn vs. Octobooty twerk off/photoshoot?!? @daizha.morgann
    Love seeing y’all supporting one another for real tho. ❤️

  • 4w ago monroe.austyn monroe.austyn

    @g9matt I could only wish to be so lucky to twerk with her

  • 4w ago jconfessions_1 jconfessions_1

    @daizha.morgann I love you your down ass chick

  • 4w ago missgotchubby missgotchubby

    U tell em girly #dope

  • 4w ago the_objectifier_666 the_objectifier_666

    Eww you are white trash. Nothing worse that a white girl who acts ghetto.

  • 4w ago elvinbebo elvinbebo

    Tha's why I luv U...

  • 4w ago elvinbebo elvinbebo

    U R the best

  • 4w ago elvinbebo elvinbebo

    Luv from Puerto Rico

  • 4w ago the_stellar_lunar the_stellar_lunar

    @espinosa.206 you're dumb fr

  • 3w ago jadenmoorelife jadenmoorelife

    I was just Joe, about to show my buddy that you were replying to me, and liking my comments, over that Vikingbarbie bullshit, and you took my the post ☹️ bless my comment and show my homie what the deal is

  • 3w ago jadenmoorelife jadenmoorelife

    @jadenmoorelife ps her nut ass blocked me

  • 3w ago fuckteeta fuckteeta

    CAN I get that follow Back tho pweaseee🤗🤗🤗🤗💕💕💕💕😏😏😏👌👌👌👌😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😎😎😏😏

  • 3w ago just_clarence4life just_clarence4life

    🖕🏾the haters

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  • 6d ago 420_vape_princess 420_vape_princess

    I love u baby cause u keeping shit real

  • 6d ago 420_vape_princess 420_vape_princess


  • 2d ago almighty_thor.194 almighty_thor.194


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