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I didn't see her shoes, and honestly I don't think the little girl that stepped on them did either, but we all felt her reaction.

I was in the store with my two nieces and we were looking for canvases so that we could paint and be creative as we were on wandering the aisles we overheard a woman begin to yell at another woman, I looked over and saw this very large woman cowering over another woman who had a little girl cowering behind her.
The larger woman screamed you'd better keep your f****** child away from me she stepped on my motherfucking shoes. Do you know how expensive these are?! I looked at my nieces and quickly said we need to move to a different part of the store because I wanted to interfere, I wanted to involve myself, had I been alone I would have knowing that there was likely to be severe consequences.
But the safety of my nieces it was not something I would risk. But it has bothered me since, the little girl was all but crying, she couldn't have been more than 5 years old. A clumsy age where we are still growing into our bodies. She was trying to tell her mom I didn't mean to it was an accident.
The angry woman was at least three times my size, but I couldn't get over the fact that's how she was trying to dominate over the other woman and her child. And it was over something as insignificant as Footwear.
They may have been expensive shoes but things happen to shoes they are designed to protect our feet as we journey through life.
I could not understand how the monetary value of the shoes it was worth more then what she was doing to that little girl in that moment. If the shoes are so valuable, why wear them out?
I believe our actions should mean more then our belongings.
I have been upset with myself since this incident as I had been given an opportunity to be a part of the village and to show my nieces that it is right to stand up for others. And I regret not saying anything, I regret my silence.
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  • 5w ago abbiirwin abbiirwin

    Love this... don't beat yourself up for not saying anything, you showed your niece that walking away from a pointless fight is just as powerful as standing up to them ❤

  • 5w ago emnabeepoetry emnabeepoetry

    How unsettling that must have been! I tell my girls that people who behave like that do it often and to anyone, and not to take it personally. Cannot let grouchy, rude people get us down. I think you were right not to interfere. She sounds unstable! Hugs 💗💗💗

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  • 5w ago debralippay debralippay

    People who feel the need to overpower another, especially in public, have some major inferiority issues themselves. The woman who was being berated didn’t stand up for herself either, showing the little girl that this behaviour is acceptable. No one won. Unfortunate that it happened. The fact that you are still thinking about it, shows your kindness 💫

  • 5w ago one_song_away one_song_away

    Don’t regret your silence for the sake of your nieces’ safety. And although you might not have interfered in that horrible situation, your thoughts, emotions and words shared here on this story have made a difference, my friend. ✨🙏

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