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Strength is always beautiful. #battlebeautifully


  • 4w ago janet.h.white janet.h.white

    Love these commercials 💕💕💕💕

  • 4w ago walgreens walgreens

    @janet.h.white Thanks, Janet! These women amaze us every day and we feel so lucky we get to recognize them.

  • 4w ago janet.h.white janet.h.white

    @walgreens They are amazing and beautiful. Keep up the fight!!! The rest of us are praying for you. 🙏🏻❤️

  • 4w ago tatum_melancon tatum_melancon

    All of my customers at Walgreens are beautiful and I've seen my healthy customers become ill and it really hurts me inside. I'm so glad that our company is doing this. Its WONDERFUL! THEY'RE STRONG and BEAUTIFUL and that equals PERFECT!!!!

  • 4w ago kingkiki77 kingkiki77

    Epic battle brings on epic women 🙏may they find a cancer cure soon

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  • 4w ago ughmyhip ughmyhip

    Please pull Panoxyl Foaming Facewash from the shelves. The “new formula” stings my eyes, doesn’t foam and doesn’t work. It’s a rip-off. @panoxyl_us

  • 4w ago redefinedcourage redefinedcourage

    Love this @walgreens

  • 3w ago walgreens walgreens

    @kingkiki77 We couldn't agree more! These women amaze us and we feel so lucky we get to recognize them.

  • 3w ago walgreens walgreens

    @tatum_melancon Thanks, Tatum. We believe all women battling an illness with strength, fearlessness, and an unwavering spirit, are beautiful. #battlebeautifully

  • 3w ago walgreens walgreens

    @janet.h.white Thanks for the support, Janet! ❤️

  • 1w ago acuarenablue acuarenablue

    @walgreens la campaña no debió ser “Lucha Linda” debería ser “Lucha arreglada, porque Linda Ya Eres” 🥰

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